Investing in the Next Generation of African Diaspora Women Leaders


Since 2007, DAWN has provided professional development, leadership and networking opportunities for African diaspora women focused on African affairs in the United States and around the world. A global network, DAWN’s mission is to provide support and help develop the next generation of African diaspora women in African affairs.

Our Core Principles

Through our core principles known as the SEEDS, DAWN promotes Sisterhood, Excellence, Empowerment, Diversity and Service.

We provide members with leadership, mentorship and professional opportunities related to Africa, and empower them to be "Fearless in their Excellence".



Our Members

Our members reside across four continents and 24 American States, representing 38 African countries and the United States, Europe, Caribbean, South America, and the Middle East.  

DAWNers are talented, passionate, inspirational and dynamic women who specialize in nearly every professional field and academic background, ranging from government and policy, to marketing and media, to health, business and the arts.  Each woman is a proven community leader with a professional focus on issues affecting Africa. We are local leaders with global experiences who understand the importance of maintaining close ties with each other.


Our Services


DAWN provides leadership programming and activities for members through seminars, workshops and discussions with leading voices in African affairs. Discussions center around best practices for work/life balance, health and wellness, career guidance and leadership.

Professional Development

DAWN offers a variety of professional development training and capacity building opportunities for its members and the general public. Members may attend panels, discussions, seminars and trainings from skilled professionals and partner organizations.


DAWN provides members with networking opportunities and resources related to African affairs and the African diaspora. Members have a platform to connect, make new connections and gain invaluable access, information and opportunities.

Our Mission


DAWN's mission is to develop and support the next generation of African diaspora women leaders focused on African affairs.


DAWN aims to validate, empower and amplify the contributions of African diaspora women in Africa’s growth, security and prosperity. Our goals are to help diversify the African affairs workforce, advance women’s leadership in the workplace, and promote the critical role of the diaspora in Africa’s development.

Because change starts with women.